Lenovo, Acer & ASUS Devices Are Now Available at CARiD.com

Today in the 21st century, digital technologies are an integral part of our life. The majority of people use some kind of advanced technological devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones. That’s why, there is no wonder that one of the […]

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Lenovo, Acer & ASUS Devices Are Now Available at CARiD.com

Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope: A Compact Tool for People of Any Ages

Zoomy Digital Microscope is a great and handy little microscope tool designed for your child in order to facilitate a more thorough learning. The unit is light and safe enough to be used by a 3 year old child and […]

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Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope: A Compact Tool for People of Any Ages

Want to recycle your Gadgets- ecoATMs will help you!

Can you imagine that you can recycle your outdated gadgets by just putting them in the booth called ecoATMs at the shopping centers? Nevertheless you will also get the cash for discarding your outdated gadgets. The news was posted at […]

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Want to recycle your Gadgets- ecoATMs will help you!

Lenovo, Acer & ASUS Devices Are Now Available at CARiD.com

Today in the 21st century, digital technologies are an integral part of our life. The majority of people use some kind of advanced technological devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones. That’s why, there is no wonder that one of the largest online retailers on the U.S. market CARID expanded its assortment, adding various units by famous brands of electronics such as Lenovo, Acer, and ASUS.


All the brands from the three are well-known across the world – they were listed in the top-5 list of world largest PC vendors (according to the shipment volume), shipping over 29 million units together. On the digital shelves of the CARID website you will easily find Lenovo tablets and computers, Acer monitors and desktops, ASUS laptops and tablets, and lots of other devices.

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About CARiD.com

Though, the assortment of products by Lenovo, Acer, ASUS presented in the online catalog is really wide, you won’t get lost there thanks to the user-friendly interface of the webstore. Your search for the needed device will last just for a few minutes, as all units are conveniently sorted and you can select the category, the price, rating, etc. Most product pages contain useful information, images, and reviews, making your choice easy like a breeze.

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Get units by renowned and experienced brands from the reputable online retailer easy and fast! Drivers all over the U.S. already know about the benefits CARID provides its customers with, but you do not need to be a driver now to experience them. Place an order and you’ll see it by yourself!

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Samsung Launches latest notebook- The World’s Thinnest and Lightest

Samsung Electronics Company; Ltd has recently announced its launching of the world’s lightest and thinnest 13.3-inch notebook. Its newest Samsung series 9-9000Z3A adopting a featherweight curved design comes with comprehensive and innovative features that the consumers will generally benefit.

Edward Cheung, associate Product Marketing Director Of IT Business of Samsung says,” Nowadays, customers desire the portability, performance and long usage features of the notebook, Samsung Series 9 launches our commitment to innovation and sets a new standard in the market.” With Samsung Series 9, he added that “users can enjoy all the benefits in one device as Samsung has always endeavored to strive for innovation in product functionality and aesthetic designs.”

Samsung Series 9 is the world’s first with its “aero-Dynamic design with Duramin Chasis, the one used in aircraft for doubled endurance and durability. Its 16.3 m thick and 1.3 kg in weight makes it light to carry and is the world’s lightest 13.3 inch notebook. Its backlit keyboard and glass type touchpad enhance its stylish charm and its hidden interface port and slim compact shape gives a dynamic professional look.

With its large touch face with 24 gesture command with 1.8mm keys makes typing efficient as well as other key stroke operations. Samsung series 9 uses LCD screen with 400nit which is 81% more brighter than the normal 220nit while its 16 million colors is 60 times greater color depth and superior quality against the 262 k colors of the normal imaging.

Samsung series 9 uses Intel® processor 2533m (1,4GHz) and 4GB DDR3 memory and is preloaded with software such as Fast start, Allshare – connects with other electronic devices such as LCD/LED TV /camera, smart mobiles and easy-file share. This Samsung newest product will be available in retail market from mid-April.

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Nikon D700 Wins the CameraGP 2011 Readers Award

Tokyo- Nikon Corporation has released announcement for one of its products winning the CameraGP2011 Readers Award. Nikon D700 digital –SL was recently selected as the recipient of CameraGO2011 Readers Award, winning three awards for the past four years. The Reader Award was created to commemorate the 25th camera grand prix. Nikon D700 was selected through voting by the general consumers/users from the period of March 2010 to April 29 2011. Nikon vested others competitors in its category receiving most votes from general users and by having large numbers of users.

Nikon D700 also receives high level of satisfaction in terms of functions, image quality, flexibility and size. It is also commended by its easy-to-use features even for those beginners in digital camera.

Nikon D700 winning features include its new DX-format CMO image sensor, new image-processing engine, Expeed 2 which enables catching high-definition images with superior image quality. Nikon D700 viewfinder frame has coverage of approximately 100% compact and uses the new 2,016-pixel RGB sensor.
Another Nikon D700 winning feature is its new 39-point AF system D-movie for recording and editing of full HD movies. Its live view function can be smoothly enable with dedicated live view switch while its double SD memory card slots enable the use of two SD memory cards (SDHC)

Nikon D700 is also the proud recipient of TIPA awards 2011 for its category D-SLR Advanced Award. The best photographic and imaging products were chosen by voting editors member-camera and imaging magazines participated by 9 European countries, Australia, Canada, China ,United States and South Africa. Period of voting started from April 1 2010 through March 31, 2011.

Nikon Coolpix P300 also won the TIPA Best General Compact Camera and other Nikon products also received high recognition in their respective categories.

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Canon IXUS 220 HS- The newest in IXUS HS series

The newest Cannon IXUS 220 HS is launched with unparallel feat with its HS system, 5x zoom and full HD. The new Cannon IXUS 220 HS has a slim stainless body of different colors such as black, red and silver giving its sleek and stylish appearance.

Cannon HS system enables IXUS 220 to give high performance even in low light condition. Its DIGIC 4 processor gives high performance superb image rendition with lower noise level of 60% less. Combining with the high-sensitivity 12.1 MP CMOS sensor, capturing full details results in high quality whatever the light condition is. IXUS 220 HS ultra wide lens can captures any panoramic views and group shots without any hassles. Its 5x zoom has optical image stabilizer that allows full focus and erases camera blur worries from camera shakes and at the same time reaching more distant subjects.

For movie makers, its full HD (1080p) allows recording in crystal clear stereo sounds and its Dynamic IS will prevent any shake or uneven moves. Cannon IXUS 220 HS has a slow motion features that allow slow motion filming.

Adhering to its character, IXUS 220 HS has Smart Auto that analyses shooting scenes choosing from its 32 scenes types that in all capacity to adjust the right setting with 6.7 (2.7) PureColor II G LCD screen for quick and easy images screening. Its tempered glass design is for outstanding durability and dependability. Cannon IXUS 220 HS has high level of responsiveness in overall operation.

Cannon IXUS 220 HS is another excellent addition to the highly recognized IXUS series. It combines style with advanced specifications in line with Cannon’s tradition of leading performance. Cannon IXUS body is only 19,5mm thin which makes it perfect to carry anywhere.

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Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope: A Compact Tool for People of Any Ages

Zoomy Digital Microscope is a great and handy little microscope tool designed for your child in order to facilitate a more thorough learning. The unit is light and safe enough to be used by a 3 year old child and was also found to be very useful for young teens and adults. Designed to allow in-depth learning and examination, Zoomy easily records video observations and great images that can be zoomed for 35 up to 53 times in just a press of a button. The images under scrutiny can be viewed on a computer monitor for a more comprehensive analysis using its supplied USB enhancement.

Zoomy Digital Microscope is kid friendly; since its compact size easily fits to your child’s hand, he can easily observe anything by turning the top of the device to focus on the object and captures relevant images. This handy microscope was built to persuade your child to be independent and more observant to the environment or anything in particular. It helps awaken the cognitive ability of the kids and enhance their objective reasoning by applying comprehensive analysis and scrutiny.

Zoomy microscope is also designed to automatically adjust the LED and lights up dark objects under investigation. This compact device is also a very useful tool for students in doing researches, investigations and any scientific observations required on their studies. For a $59.99 value, each unit is feature packed; it provides good quality image resolutions in 640 x 480 pixels up to 1200×16000 and high quality video. The USB capability of the device also enables user to have the recorded observations and still images be saved on any computer for easy transfer and upload at a later time. Zoomy is also applicable for laboratory reporting and presentations especially for science students.

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Sharp unveils the 26-inch Solar Powered LCD TV

Sharp, one of the leaders in consumer electronics and home appliances has launched a new addition to its growing line of home entertainment. The company’s new LCD TV offering is 100% solar powered and environment friendly; the 26 inch Solar Powered TV which was initially launched at the G8 Summit in Japan was paired with a thin solar cell panel that’s almost as big as the LCD TV itself. According to the company, this new offering consumes lower energy compared to other standard Televisions, its energy consumption is about half of LCD TV’s consumption annually and about one third of the traditional CRT. This solar prototype will definitely bring glamour to any home with its outstanding 10,000:1 contrast and a slim body of about 20 millimeter.

Sharp actually targets the people in areas where electricity is out of the question; with about 2 billion people living without electricity all over the world as the target market, sharp foresees a big success for this prototype invention. With no expensive electricity required, people from these places can actually enjoy variety of shows including news and important documentaries.

The company also targets the eco friendly consumers with this product offering; as an electronic giant they believe that since this products uses a 100% renewable energy and promotes a way to help conserve the earth, more environmentalist will find it very appealing.

Aside from this offering Sharp also showcased another top of the line products in the Hokkaido Toyako (G8) Summit, these includes the stunning 57 inch widescreen-titanium LCD TV with four wavelength LCD backlight system. It also displayed the ultra slim 65 inch 20 millimeter thick LCD TV, a lighting module powered by the solar energy, and a solar semi see-through cell element that works best for architectural projects.

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Scosche freeKey: The Unbeatable Accessory for Your Typing Convenience

If you know Scosche Industries you will know that this company is a big thing in manufacturing car audio hardware and enhancements, computer peripherals and other accessories for your gadgets. This award-winning corporation designs and creates valuable accessories to help you utilize the full function of your car audio and other portable electronics and gadgets like Smartphone, camera, GPS, tablets, iPhone and any other electronics.

The company recently launches an innovatively designed keyboard for Smartphone and tablet junkies all over the world. Known as Scosche freeKey, this keyboard is Bluetooth powered and was designed to work on any Bluetooth capable gadgets such as iPhone, tablet PC, Android and iPad. This device actually makes typing easy and convenient especially for every touch phone users since they will not be hindered by on screen keyboard facility anymore.

Scosche freeKey works up to a distance of 30 feet provided that there are no barriers or obstacles at sight. With its soft texture and water resistant function this device can even be used outside your home or while on the go. The device is convenient and handy enough to be folded and unfolded when needed, it can be kept in a purse or rolled in a backpack when not in use.

FreeKey comes with a retractable USB cable charger to make charging more convenient and easy and is made out of silicone material for a lighter weight and less bulky built. This patented technology works efficiently on any operating system with Bluetooth connectivity including Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS.

Scosche freeKey promotes the efficiency of wireless freedom and usability in Smartphone technology and is available nationwide for an affordable price of $59.99. With its full featured keyboard, typing documents, email composing, or web searching will never be difficult again.

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Kingston Digital’s USB 3.0 Flash Drive: The Ultimate USB Flash in the Market

Kingston Digital, Inc., the leader in manufacturing and distributing flash drives and other USB products all over the world and an affiliate in flash memory of the giant Kingston Technology Company, Inc., has released a high performance USB 3.0 on September 14, 2010 that could beat the transfer rate of any USB 2.0 up to ten times. The Ultimate 3.0 DataTraveler Flash from Kingston boast a writing speed of up to 60MB per second and a reading speed of 80MB per second. With capacity of 16, 32 and 64 GB, this data traveler allows copying or moving of data and big files like movies, music and photos at ultimate ease and speed.
The 3.0 Flash includes a Y-cable to make it run in a 2.0 USB port. According to Andrew Erwing, the business manager of Kingston USB products, this 3.0 DataTraveler is the first in Kingston USB line and was actually designed for techie geeks all over the world who wants to grab the first bite in top of the line products.

DataTraveler 3.0 is equipped with a product warranty for five years, those who tested and tried the speed and performance of the Kingston 3.0 DataTraveler were impressed with how fast it responds to file transfer; for only 73 seconds a 3.9 GB movie was transferred and a 4.4 GB movies that plays for about 2 hours and 30 minutes was transferred within 83 seconds.

If you have a 3.0 USB port on your system, the Kingston DataTraveler 3.0 flash is actually a must have, this high speed USB runs in any operating system including Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 and has a dimension of 73.70 mm x 22.20 mm x 16.10 mm. The price for 16GB, 32GB and 64GB ranges from $89.00, $138.00, and $270.00 respectively and was packed in a heavy-duty lanyard loop for practicality and durability.

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Acer Iconia Touchbook: A Compact Dual Screen Beauty

Acer recently launched in the market a dual screen beauty called Iconia Touchbook; this 14 inch multi-touch screen invention has a powerful DDR3 RAM capacity of up to 4 GB and boasts a full-packed feature of a powerful laptop in a stunning clamshell-like dual monitor.

Because of its dual screen, top and bottom, Iconia Touchbook naturally has no physical keyboard included, what it has is a virtual keyboard that emerges on the bottom display together with a touch pad beneath it. The full QWERTY keyboard actually lets you do things beyond the capacity of a physical keyboard, for instance, it lets you select different languages and the keyboard appearance will follow, it also has predictive text feature for error proofing, and a lot of possible feature enhancements in the near future.

Acer Iconia features an Acer Ring which enables you to browse through applications in a single movement. A small gesture of putting all your one-hand fingers in the screen lets you activates the ring and opens the application. This Touchbook also has a unique feature called Gesture Editor, this feature allows you to customize your Touchbook the way you want it with just a swipe of your hands to the screen.

Selling at around $1,700.00, Acer Iconia also includes SocialJogger where you can actually view and check all the updates of your Flickr, Facebook and YouTube accounts simultaneously. A window containing these three sites will emerge with updates showing at the top.

The dual monitor also enables you to browse and display different sites simultaneously, and since it can be opened flatly you can also use both the screens to display a single site and have a bigger view or browse through a particular site while creating a document, spreadsheet or presentation in the other screen.

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See Google Nexus S 4G on run this spring!

Google Nexus S Smartphone is up in the market this spring by getting spicy with the addition of 4G. The tangy flavor is also added by the Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a new release of Android OS.

Samsung has manufactured Google Nexus S with a price tag of $199, including a two years contract and the services provided will be unlimited web use, calling and text messaging. It will cost around $190 for two months plus 4G tax of $10 per month.

The more system specifications of Nexus S are, 1GHz processor with 512 MB RAM. It has got a sufficient display screen of 4 inches and its curved design can be easily grabbed and held against your face. Like any other Smartphone Nexus S has got a 5 Megapixel camera with the VGA camera for video calls.

Though it has got so many exciting features but one think is quite missing in it and that is SD card slot which can expand it s memory. Nexus S has got the total storage capacity of 16GB which can not be further expanded.

One of the best things about this Smartphone is its unique connectivity capable of connecting six Wi-Fi devices through 3G and 4G features. It can be well connected with the Wi-Fi, GPS and BlueTooth connections.

This Sprint version of Nexus S would be having Android 2.3 in it and there is no manufacturer tag on the Operating System. This makes it very simple for the upgradation of the Operating system and six devices could be run via single sprint phone number.

This Nexus S would be first time introduced in the unlocked situation in December, 2010. Due to frequency differences its GSM version is only well connected to EDGE network.

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