Want to recycle your Gadgets- ecoATMs will help you!

Can you imagine that you can recycle your outdated gadgets by just putting them in the booth called ecoATMs at the shopping centers? Nevertheless you will also get the cash for discarding your outdated gadgets.

The news was posted at Mashable website, as at the Westfield shopping center around 15 such booths made in the Southern California region in San Diego. So, this is a great kiosk, where you get incentives for dumping your old and discarded gadgets.

National Science Foundation (NSF) has provided a grant to ecoATM for doing its research and testing in the field of artificial intelligence. Once the Phase 1 grant becomes successful, this ecoATM system will definitely be explored to the more areas. It is expected that the Google’s Mountain View will be soon having this ecoATM system like the Microsoft’s Redmond campus.

This ecoATM project is a highly technically advanced project. As it needs to have an updated programming, for evaluating the value price of the old gadget that has been put inside the ecoATM machine. It would require a lot of funds to complete this project and NSF is helping it out.

The head and co-founder of this NSF project Mark Bowles has very positive outlook towards this project. He exclaimed this situation as a win-win for everyone, as the consumer would be benefited by dumping the unused crap gadget and the companies would get the machinery which can be recycled, there won’t be anything getting wasted, so it’s very much eco friendly and money saving.

And to our astonishment around 50,000 crap gadgets are recycled by this ecoATM in the first round of testing phase. So, now no need to put ads in the Craig’s list or eBay for selling your old gadgets.

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