Scosche freeKey: The Unbeatable Accessory for Your Typing Convenience

If you know Scosche Industries you will know that this company is a big thing in manufacturing car audio hardware and enhancements, computer peripherals and other accessories for your gadgets. This award-winning corporation designs and creates valuable accessories to help you utilize the full function of your car audio and other portable electronics and gadgets like Smartphone, camera, GPS, tablets, iPhone and any other electronics.

The company recently launches an innovatively designed keyboard for Smartphone and tablet junkies all over the world. Known as Scosche freeKey, this keyboard is Bluetooth powered and was designed to work on any Bluetooth capable gadgets such as iPhone, tablet PC, Android and iPad. This device actually makes typing easy and convenient especially for every touch phone users since they will not be hindered by on screen keyboard facility anymore.

Scosche freeKey works up to a distance of 30 feet provided that there are no barriers or obstacles at sight. With its soft texture and water resistant function this device can even be used outside your home or while on the go. The device is convenient and handy enough to be folded and unfolded when needed, it can be kept in a purse or rolled in a backpack when not in use.

FreeKey comes with a retractable USB cable charger to make charging more convenient and easy and is made out of silicone material for a lighter weight and less bulky built. This patented technology works efficiently on any operating system with Bluetooth connectivity including Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS.

Scosche freeKey promotes the efficiency of wireless freedom and usability in Smartphone technology and is available nationwide for an affordable price of $59.99. With its full featured keyboard, typing documents, email composing, or web searching will never be difficult again.

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