Acer Iconia Touchbook: A Compact Dual Screen Beauty

Acer recently launched in the market a dual screen beauty called Iconia Touchbook; this 14 inch multi-touch screen invention has a powerful DDR3 RAM capacity of up to 4 GB and boasts a full-packed feature of a powerful laptop in a stunning clamshell-like dual monitor.

Because of its dual screen, top and bottom, Iconia Touchbook naturally has no physical keyboard included, what it has is a virtual keyboard that emerges on the bottom display together with a touch pad beneath it. The full QWERTY keyboard actually lets you do things beyond the capacity of a physical keyboard, for instance, it lets you select different languages and the keyboard appearance will follow, it also has predictive text feature for error proofing, and a lot of possible feature enhancements in the near future.

Acer Iconia features an Acer Ring which enables you to browse through applications in a single movement. A small gesture of putting all your one-hand fingers in the screen lets you activates the ring and opens the application. This Touchbook also has a unique feature called Gesture Editor, this feature allows you to customize your Touchbook the way you want it with just a swipe of your hands to the screen.

Selling at around $1,700.00, Acer Iconia also includes SocialJogger where you can actually view and check all the updates of your Flickr, Facebook and YouTube accounts simultaneously. A window containing these three sites will emerge with updates showing at the top.

The dual monitor also enables you to browse and display different sites simultaneously, and since it can be opened flatly you can also use both the screens to display a single site and have a bigger view or browse through a particular site while creating a document, spreadsheet or presentation in the other screen.

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