Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope: A Compact Tool for People of Any Ages

Zoomy Digital Microscope is a great and handy little microscope tool designed for your child in order to facilitate a more thorough learning. The unit is light and safe enough to be used by a 3 year old child and was also found to be very useful for young teens and adults. Designed to allow in-depth learning and examination, Zoomy easily records video observations and great images that can be zoomed for 35 up to 53 times in just a press of a button. The images under scrutiny can be viewed on a computer monitor for a more comprehensive analysis using its supplied USB enhancement.

Zoomy Digital Microscope is kid friendly; since its compact size easily fits to your child’s hand, he can easily observe anything by turning the top of the device to focus on the object and captures relevant images. This handy microscope was built to persuade your child to be independent and more observant to the environment or anything in particular. It helps awaken the cognitive ability of the kids and enhance their objective reasoning by applying comprehensive analysis and scrutiny.

Zoomy microscope is also designed to automatically adjust the LED and lights up dark objects under investigation. This compact device is also a very useful tool for students in doing researches, investigations and any scientific observations required on their studies. For a $59.99 value, each unit is feature packed; it provides good quality image resolutions in 640 x 480 pixels up to 1200×16000 and high quality video. The USB capability of the device also enables user to have the recorded observations and still images be saved on any computer for easy transfer and upload at a later time. Zoomy is also applicable for laboratory reporting and presentations especially for science students.

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