Sharp unveils the 26-inch Solar Powered LCD TV

Sharp, one of the leaders in consumer electronics and home appliances has launched a new addition to its growing line of home entertainment. The company’s new LCD TV offering is 100% solar powered and environment friendly; the 26 inch Solar Powered TV which was initially launched at the G8 Summit in Japan was paired with a thin solar cell panel that’s almost as big as the LCD TV itself. According to the company, this new offering consumes lower energy compared to other standard Televisions, its energy consumption is about half of LCD TV’s consumption annually and about one third of the traditional CRT. This solar prototype will definitely bring glamour to any home with its outstanding 10,000:1 contrast and a slim body of about 20 millimeter.

Sharp actually targets the people in areas where electricity is out of the question; with about 2 billion people living without electricity all over the world as the target market, sharp foresees a big success for this prototype invention. With no expensive electricity required, people from these places can actually enjoy variety of shows including news and important documentaries.

The company also targets the eco friendly consumers with this product offering; as an electronic giant they believe that since this products uses a 100% renewable energy and promotes a way to help conserve the earth, more environmentalist will find it very appealing.

Aside from this offering Sharp also showcased another top of the line products in the Hokkaido Toyako (G8) Summit, these includes the stunning 57 inch widescreen-titanium LCD TV with four wavelength LCD backlight system. It also displayed the ultra slim 65 inch 20 millimeter thick LCD TV, a lighting module powered by the solar energy, and a solar semi see-through cell element that works best for architectural projects.

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